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Its cute …but maybe a little too cute

— feeling beaten
The Selection - Kiera Cass

First of all I am going to apologize to all the fans of the series for what I am about to say in my review. I know you must have loved it but forgive me for I am not that impressed with the book.


I know the series has gone on to become famous and have lots of fan following but somehow I am failing to see the reason behind all the hype about this book. I guess Selection is what you get if you pageant-ize hunger games.


Katniss Everdeen + beauty pageant = Selection (my math teacher would be so proud today)


While hunger games was a little more rough, exhilarating and filled with adrenaline rush, selection is powdered with rouge and wrapped in delicate gowns, shimmering so much that you need protective glasses to prevent from going blind but then all this is not to say that the book was bad.


Selection, for me was a wrap up of everything I have read so far in young adult sans any paranormal elements.


How? Well let me try without giving away any spoilers


Heroin: I am a very Hard working girl,  I am also very benevolent, fighter for the rights of the suppressed,  I don’t go for make up, I will not drool over a boy that millions swoon over, I am good to the poor, I am very grounded yet will insult and be rude to “that guy” ..just because I can, I am the prettiest of all but I will not admit that, clear concise (well according to her but not necessarily to the readers ) and I can go on and on…. So you basically get the point.  It is your usual goody two shoes, Barbie reincarnation.


Hero: gentle, well mannered, kind, attractive enough to make women faint at his mere site,  even in the middle of the night will woke up looking like a model. Will fall for the only girl who does not drool for him and insults him. Will agree to do anything for the honor of the girl, absolutely adores kids and his mother, will standby to catch in case the girl trips or faints (after all when will those muscles come to use)


Now add in another angle: A triangle. The other guy whose main purpose is to fight for the girl till he dies or the author decides… “That’s it !!!… Off with his head”


So you see my problem here. Selection is a combination of everything read and heard so far. You might argue that the plot line is different..but then is it ? is it that different?

I am not boasting when I say that right from the beginning I knew what was going to happen in fact not having read the second book yet, I still can predict what is going to happen. I fell that even the word predictable is shouting predictable at this book. But apart from that Selection is a smooth ride and pretty quick read too. It is simple and fast and has good narration.


Though selection is not a bad book, the problem I had with it was only that it was too cliché, predictable from the very first page. Everything seemed to be your typical plotline and character. Though in theory everything is proportional and good, the books does not bring something new to the genre but apart from that if you are a lover of the dystopian, young adult genre then this is a good book with fluid narration and fast pace. I think the word simple defines it much more. No complications in the characters or the plot. Just a smooth read like a good bedtime story