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The family is growing

— feeling angel
Cress - Marissa Meyer

Its amazing as to watch how many new family members keeps joining the plot and manages to turn your world upside down while you are staying in this series.  What started out as a story of cinder, cyborg girl has gone on to different plains and now it’s a story of a whole wide range of characters. The best part for me is that I am in love with all these characters even those who manages to come and go in a flash.


I am so happy that I joined in the series so late because I am getting restless to re enter into the lunar world and the release date of the fourth book, Winter seems too far way in spite of being just months away


Cress is by far the most voluminous book in the series and justified too as there are so many characters to appreciate and live with. It’s the simplicity of the book that captures and intrigues me. Imagine by the length of three books there are lots of characters but still I am pretty clear as to where each one stands as each characters in the book have their own purpose, their own space and individual story to tell and does not overpower each other. I love the ability of the author to maintain such efficiency in her plot development.


I am actually waiting to see how with the fourth book, she will have to bring in new characters at the same time maintain all the goodness she has brought on along the course of these three books. So far this is the only series that I have seen doing a pretty good job at retelling. While it retains the basic elements of the fairy tales, the core book is much more than that


As I have told before, it’s the theme and plot that impresses me. It’s the way in which she picks up a fairy tale and morphs and threads it so beautifully that it can easily merge itself into the series without feeling deliberately inserted.


I am running short of words in praise of this series. Undoubtedly it is my favourite series of all time. The book is a different world in altogether and much more than a modern rendition of a classic fairytales. It’s evolved and grown so beautifully through three books that it had become completely unstoppable. Each book takes the plot far from the first one which makes the series the best. The language and the narration have a pearly touch, smooth and alluring. Can’t wait for this winter, when winter, the fourth book in the series will be released finally