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Lull me to sleep

Alex and the Wolpertinger: The Downhills - Koos Verkaik

Huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book


As I mentioned in the first book, I couldn’t wait to re enter the world of Alex and the Wolpertinger and though my review comes really late the truth is that I had completed the entire series over stretch of two days. The book is short and like any other children’s book is absolutely sweet and merry


The author truly lulled me to sleep with his cozy narration and storytelling. The book is amazing and is very impressive for the fact that the book plot is developed enough to rival a good adult book with its own version of developments, twists and turns but at the same time it is not that complex that a kid cannot read and enjoy it


I found the book to be smoother and almost satiny in its flow. Its quick, lots of impressive characters and mixed with both humor and ample lessons for the young minds


A children’s book that every adult would love to read is what my impression of the book is. The book has a great range of characters to love and even the antagonists of the book are those that you will love to fall in love with. I had an amazing time reading the book and thought it was fabulous.


 A fun read all along