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Tucking one comfortably to sleep

Alex and the Wolpertinger- Uncle Balloon - Koos Verkaik

Huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book


There may be no fairies per say in the book but the book was nothing less to all those fairy tale books I have read as a young kid.


The author has used subtle and gentle narration so as to make the readers comfortable, warm and cozy and I had an amazing time with the whole series. The last book has neatly combined all that was started over the course of two books. Very many new characters were added along and older ones returned to double the fun in the book


I think the book is colorful due to its wide range of interesting characters and it is these very characters that actually help the book become so lively and cheerful and as mentioned in the review of the previous book, you fall for every character in the book- good bad or ugly.


There is a sweetness and warmth in narration. Language is perfect enabling a smoother read and irrespective of age the book tends to provide fun for everybody who reads it


I am short for words as to how well suited this book is for every age group. With its vivid characters, a good and moral story invoking the goodness of the world, the book does indeed charm itself into every heart.  A quick short read with the quality of all those children’s book that once lulled us to sleep.