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Trust John to make romance so horrifying

Clara's Song (Haunted Minds) (Volume 2) - John Hennessy

Huge thanks to the author, John Hennessy for providing me with a copy of the book and a continent sized no scratch that a globe sized thank you for that little dedication page that proves how awesome you are John (oh yeah, I am on a first name basis with the author ;))


You should know about me that I am a huge fan of John Hennessy both in size and metaphorically speaking. So when it comes to reviewing his books, I am already drafting it in partiality so let that be a disclaimer from my side but in spite of all that, somehow this is not the best John Hennessy book for me.


John has a very unique way with horror and no matter what he writes that flavor of horror remains so stark and bold. I wonder what his diary entries or grocery list would read like even scarier would be to see how he would write a romantic letter because Clara’s song is technically a romance but with so much spook factor I forgot about the romance part right after the first chapter.


To be fair, John had warned me that this book was completely different to his usual way of storytelling and writing and yes Clara’s song is entirely different from anything I have read from John’s work or any author’s work for that matter


John is going to hate me after this review so preparing myself for the wrath let me begin with the review of the book


To begin with you got to love the theme of the book. To me it had a brilliant core, revolving around the extra fight that is required to keep a marriage together and very many points he says in passing actually makes sense and hits the right chords but then that is also the problem sometimes. John tends to rotate around that one thought of “ dead- end marriage” a lot. This very thought keeps repeating throughout the book. The book starts up slow and completely messes up your mind. By the middle you are being tossed ruthlessly that you do not get out without bruises which is exactly my problem because I am failing to understand whether it was a good thing or bad thing for the book

Maybe its me. Maybe it’s the book that is making me confused about the book. I don’t know what to say about this book exactly


One thing is for sure ,

for a book with the name haunted minds, it definitely justifies.


You never know what is happening is real or just hallucination. The book is a psychological warfare. It is crazy in there. Once you get inside the book, it is like doing a tour of a psychiatric ward not knowing what is sane or what is insane


This book is not for everybody as it is a bit harsh, melancholic and truly haunted. So in that case, the author had to be applauded for toying with you.


There is a dragging pace to the book in the middle and you certainly have no clue as to what is happening. All these characters simply torture your souls. The story takes its sweet time to register but as true to his style John Hennessy does a completely 360 towards the end


I may not have been very clear as to how exactly the book went for me and that’s because I am clueless myself but I cannot deny the uniqueness of the book

This book will be perfect for those who love to read about twisted souls because the book is filled with that. (I am sorry John but I have to say this) the narration was kind of haywire but to be honest I don’t know whether it was the requirement of the script and situation as sometimes things made sense while sometimes it didn’t. It was a tough read for me but maybe I wasn’t the right kind of the audience.