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Bachelor's Marriage - Akshat Pradeep Solanki

We are going to be here for a while… so get ready for a really long review


Huge thanks to the author for contacting me and giving me an opportunity to read his work and secondly please accept my apologies for what I have to say about the book is going to be extremely rude and brazen. I know it can be harsh but I believe it is better to be honest than sugar coating if you wanted an honest opinion in the first place.


I think after today, the author would be joining the list of people that wants to kill me (trust me you might want to get yourself a large tub of popcorn because the list is quite long and the wait would be even more longer)


I don’t understand…. is it a mandatory part of the curriculum of every engineering and management student in this country to write a novel and that too on the same grated out topic of campus love without the basic sense of romance? If it is so important to write a romance novel for these students then why not add Nicholas Sparks books to the curriculum so as to at least learn the basic threads that weave a romance novel


This book stands for everything that I despise in Indian fiction,

the reason why I dread to pick a book by an Indian author below 30 years. I remember being really raged after reading one such book and till date I regret for my brash and rude review I had written at that time but I still stand by what I said in that review and in fact the exact same thing could go for this book as well


I am irate as to how this book is an epitome for naivety. At the end of the day this is a fiction and as per my understanding a work of fiction should the very least have a story to it . Where was the story? The whole story started and ended in one page which is to say at the back cover of the book and rest was nothing but just a test of patience for its readers.


Lets pick up this book piece by piece




Could you please point that to me in the book?


A guy in love with two girls- fair enough though lacking in originality that was a theme that could weave a story but you enter the book go through the strenuous and blanched 288 pages of pointless narration and still no  sign of the relationship or so called torrid affair. If  a bunch of conversation over telephone or over cup of telephone and accidental meetings along with your whole gang of friends in passing is your idea of romance then I am afraid I may have to suggest you to do better research.


You had a story at hand and rather than focusing on developing it, it’s a pity that the entire book focuses on the character’s well to do background exhibited through constant mention of the grandeur of his house, the latest gadgets and cars he uses and the number of friends he has, the great marketing tricks he owns and the skills of bargaining he has.


Why is it important for the readers to know which TV Drama you were watching and what you ate before going to sleep or what movie was running at that time when there was an entire story plot left to be noticed. How naïve you have to be to believe one telephonic conversation or a stroll in the park is all that is required for two souls to be in eternally love.


In the acknowledgment the author have stated that his vision was to create a story based on Indian marriage but can you please tell me how you achieved that? It could have if you have focused on narrating and developing the relationship between the characters. More focused on the turmoil of a character forced between the societal and parental decisions and longing of his heart but as of now the book is all about the vacations, the parties or movie hangouts our central character had.


For a romance, there was hardly any opportunity when these so called “lovers” even had a moment together and bother to pour their hearts out and then the central character proclaim he is in love after mere occasional brushing past each other. 


Either you are really mocking the whole idea of “love” and relationship or showing your dearth of experience towards the same or really exhibiting the egoistical typical male mentality of Indian men who think girls are malleable and vulnerable enough to fall for you after you pay for their cup of coffee or help them in a tricky situation. There are various points in the book that actually got me fuming as to how low the central character or in turn the author thought of women in general (you were straight cut cheating on both women when all it could take was one conversation to relay your true feelings and then you thought the girls were being difficult and jealous for no reason… !! )




Telling us what you did throughout the day, what you wore, what you ate, where you went, where you slept and then a detailed telephonic conversation script is not what you call narration or even story telling. It is called diary writing and even for that this was way too vapid. Why do I care how much profit you made in a day in your shop or how much you sold a product for or where you got your infrastructure from when the book was supposed to be on Indian marriage and not your daily activity.. The book was more of reporting one’s daily activities




for god sake’s Hinglish is not a language. While writing an English fiction, using Hindi should be forbidden unless it is being used to depict a proper noun or it is really crucial to the plot but in this book I never saw the relevance of those Hindi lines used.


Now to the main problem…


The language of the book is terrifying. How? The author has simply translated the hindi sentences to English and calls it story telling. Even that would have worked if the hindi sentences in itself was effective.


There is a huge difference between conversational language and written language. You cannot simply use the day to day vocal conversations to narrate a story as it is a different set of language and skills that come into play when narrating a story.


And in the end adding the “f” word, dude or screwed doesn’t make it any attractive or better


I think I have said quite a lot and pretty rudely too but I was that fumed reading the book

Mourning the death of all those trees who gave their lives for an unappreciative cause,  I would like to say that:


I know in my sarcasm I am ripping apart somebody’s hard work and I am really sorry that I have to be so rude about the book but the truth is that all the efforts have been completely wasted as the end result was such a disappointment. But somewhere I believe the author alone could not be blamed but the editors should be too .as they should have noticed the fact that the book lacked the very basic thing- the story, the plot. So called romance book that had nothing to do with romance, the core plot and ended up rubbing it on our face as to how rich our central character was along with being pompous and obsessed with his clothes, face and hair. Language is so robotic and like being sieved through a Hindi- English translator.