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It got messed up somewhere

— feeling bad egg
There Will Be Lies - Nick Lake


The book was my first brush with the concept of coyote and native American folklores, if we can call the book that.


To begin with yes the book had a killer opening in fact so much that I almost jumped out of my seat in excitement picturing a very high paced adrenaline run. I mean with an opener


“In four hours, I will be struck by a car”


who would not be excited for the book so yes I was really prepped up to enjoy the book and so starts the initial chapters which even though a little slow in excitement is good enough to keep you excited and then you continue with the book and very soon you are drowsy and tired and feels like you have been locked up in the back seat of a car with the same visuals repeating over and over again outside the car. So basically there is nothing to do inside in the car or lookout outside the car. It is a one long monotonous journey


I think the story had a huge potential. The problem is that there is so much twists and turns that keep coiling and coiling that at the end you are dizzy not knowing when you are going to fall flat on the floor. Add to this already chaotic flow of the basic plot, a narration that is not clear whether it is referring to the present scenario or something in the past or an inner rambling of the character.


The basic trouble with the book is the pace and the narration. Pace is extremely stale and stagnant. Even in incidents that could actually spark the book, it fizzles out with a less enthusiastic narration. Even if I overlook that little pace deadness, there is this major fault that I see in the narration. The central character talks a lot. I mean a lot in her head and every bit of that conversation is on those papers so you don’t know whether what being said is actually happening or being imagined by the character


I think the author brought in a side track paranormal world including coyote and Native American Folklores which only acts as only another catalyst towards making everything blurry and mushy. The book needed a little vividness and lucid treatment as right now the two parallel world stand to clash with each other and fail to resonate an impact so in my opinion that is two good plot gone amiss


The book has hardly got any pace. The only pace is in its synopsis that promises a good plot and frankly yes the plot is good but somewhere adhering to a lot of internal plot developments has only led to create more chaos and struggling to come out in full force. There are lot of things happening in the book and so much that everything just creates one giant ball of confusion