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The Girl Who Collected Butterflies: A Supernatural Ghost Thriller (Haunted Minds) (Volume 3) - John Hennessy

First of all a huge thanks ….no scratch that ……a truck load of hugs and love to John for not only trusting my words but sending me the copies as soon as they are ready because he knows that I am that madly and badly waiting for his works. So in spite of being repetitive I am going to say it.




I can honestly say that perhaps John Hennessy is the only author, whose works evolve and develop so much that his growth as a writer is almost tangible and it is always interesting to see what new he brings to the table every time he writes a book.


There has been no one who has been able to write horror so good enough to scare the good life out of me as much as John has done in my whole reading experience. ( also making me wonder as to how his brain works… no wonder aliens are rotating our earth, probably trying to have a peak at John’s brain… :P)



If Uncle John ever says that he is going to tell you a bedtime story run as far as you can or hide in the nearest corner because you probably will never come out of the closet after reading his books and listening to his stories and that probably makes him the best in his genre


This book is parked on a whole different level than the previous one in the series. In the previous books, the story kept dwindling whenever John tried in bring in the flashback but come to this book and it is as smooth as butter in narration and he manages the travel between past and present quite effortlessly and seamlessly


Characters as usual remains the brightest in the book, even in passing each character jostles you and impresses you with their part. Language is sharp and crisp just like the previous books and it seems that finally John has brought me to a point where I am trying hard to find a fault. It could be the story too that must have made me so blind to everything else


JOHN !! My BOY !! you did it !! :P


Do you like horror? Do you like reading stories that could make you shiver and yell “mommy”? Do you like to have nightmares as a consequence of reading a horror novel? Then look no further , pick this book and start reading it with all the windows and doors shut tightly and the lights at full brightness (even in broad daylight)