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Hades can now die happy for somebody has actually managed to make his world interesting

Evertrue - Brodi Ashton

Everneath series is a modern take on the world of Persephone and Hades and the associated greek myths. Evertrue is the final book in the trilogy and even though, not that highly impressed with the way things concluded I m definitely happy with the book in general as it has continued the goodness that it had started with its first book

Everneath is a paranormal romance and hence comes with everything mushy, cheesy and chocolatey associated with these sorts of books. Romance and love triangles being an eminent factor in such books is in its full color throughout, but what makes it interesting is definitely the story line which is different and most importantly the whole treatment of the book is different as well.

No matter what, this series is always going to be my favourite and fortunately third book comes with an even interesting development and good pace. I m saying good pace not fast paced because at times the whole emotional outpours can halt the pace a bit. If you have been following this series and have liked it I m sure you will like this book as well which kind of have concluded and tied up all the loose ends in the best possible way it could. 

Ever since I started with the first book, my loyalty kept leaning towards Cole, who is your apparent antagonist and the major source of trouble throughout the book. The author had even brought out a novella that was based on certain phase of Cole’s life which was named Neverfall and in my opinion is also the biggest disaster In the whole series. The second book, Everbound is where you actually fall for cole and the third book has made sure to retain that, at least for me. In my opinion, Cole is the best character in the entire series and much better than our heroine as well and other hero, Jack

The book’s plot makes it unique and interesting and in spite of your typical paranormal romance elements like undying love, altruism, batting eyelids and love triangles overshadowing the essence, I would still say this has been one heck of a series and the third book has managed to keep up the legacy for me by being in sync with the previous two books. Not high, not low but in perfect alliance with the prequels. The pace is good, twists are good and conclusion though not completely to my liking has sealed every character’s fate pretty much nicely.