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At least its better than the previous books

— feeling cool
Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

I never really did like the series to begin with, .. partially because i felt that the series was a copy of the twilight series and the only difference being that our hero is an angel and not a shining vampire. Neither "Hush-hush" or "Crescendo" sparked an undying admiration for the series and now "silence" has also failed at doing the same but i will admit that i found "silence" better than the previous two as there was something new in the plot line. Either that or i have really developed a good coping mechanism for the series. Or maybe distance did make me grow fonder as i am returning to this series after a really long time. In fact so long that i didn't even recognize very many characters or even the names.

"Silence" has a plot line that was kind of predictable but i will gladly take it over repetition of twilight saga. There was at least something new to look forward other than the usual plot developers like, a new love triangle or trouble in paradise stuff. So yes the plot was a little better and had an intriguing and engaging level to it ...far better than Hush Hush and Crescendo.The language and narration is good. Simple, crisp and flowing so no complain there

So basically i think i am now prepared to plunge further into the series with only one more book to go, the "finale" but frankly one could easily go without reading it as "silence" has silenced the curiosity and you could die peacefully even without knowing what is destined to happen in the next book...

i have never been really a fan of this series and the third book has not been able to change much of my attitude either but i will admit that the story line is a bit different from the previous two books and had at least some new twists and turns to look forward. Fortunately there is no new love interest or lover's spat to suffer through and with a fair enough story line i think this was a better pick from the entire series. It was kind of refreshing and starting in a new way sort of thing. So in general for me the book was neither good nor bad but an ok book

i didn't get it...

— feeling confused
Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein
I am failing to see all the hype around this book, now that I have finally read it. Everywhere I turned, there was talks about this book, making me very curious but now somebody needs to tell me what all the fuss was about since I m clearly failing to see it. Ok I will admit that if everybody liked this book because of the human emotions and the quality of friendship narrated in it, then yes !! I do see that faint line but it was not enough for me majorly because the narration was clearly discouraging

I literally slept through the middle because the narration was jumping in and out of different scenarios so much that it was exhausting trying to keep a track of it and I finally succumbed to slumber and drooled all over the book…..

For me everything good in the book was ruined by the chaotic and slippery narration. I don’t know who to blame more, The language or the narration?. The language at times was too technical for one to absorb but then the jargons and terminologies used was kind of essential too so I guess that can be overlooked and then comes the foreign languages in between. What about those of us who don’t wake up every morning speaking to our Madre in French or German…? … ok fine I am even ready to overlook this since it is kind of “requirement of the script” but one thing I cannot forgive and will not forgive is the mumbling and the jumbled thought process

The narration breaks the spine of this book for me.

The author starts narration with the present scenario, the precarious situation our central character currently is..... fair enough… then she moves to flashback…totally understandable and expected and then she starts her story with constant wavering between.... past, present, what is going on inside the character’s head, the physical environment, the people around her, her daily routine….. Phew… imagine all of these whipped together in a single paragraph and you get what one might call chaos and what I call ”stop with the torture”. It totally unfair because the book undoubtedly has a very powerful story but why it used such a weak narration skill is what puzzles me.

The author starts with one thought process goes on to another, then another and then to another clubbing two or three scenes into one single and never ending sentence. I think the sentence that started with the first page ends at the very last page of the book because that is where I found that lost final full stop.

You might now think that I hate the book but the irony is that I loved the core plot of the book and felt that it had a very effective and worthy substance. its like being served caviar in a paper plate. The essence and the feel of being treated to such a delicacy is lost if you have to dig it with a plastic spoon at a road side food stall…

I don’t see how people loved the book when the language was so disruptive. The narration never sticks to one thought, scene or place and keeps running from past, present, internal thoughts, describing the people around, the architecture, history, emotions and then finally to the current turn of events and all these in one long sentence confusing where exactly the thought process started and where it stopped finally. Seriously it was like a maze, finding hard to locate the exit. But underneath all this you can’t deny that the book has a very touching and powerful story set in a time of chaos. The underlying story is a beautiful rendition of friendship and survival but wished had a smoother narration



so this is why everybody is talking about it

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Dziewczyna z pociągu - Paula Hawkins

I picked up this book because it has been doing pretty good in book gossip columns and must read sections for past few months. Everywhere i turn there was news of this book or somebody's update about reading it or wanting to read it. So i finally boarded this train that everybody was talking about. After reading the book i am kind of in the middle of agreeing with all these appreciations and not being that impressed too.

The book from the get go is pure content based. Everything that is good to the book is basically because of the strong content added and enhanced by equally powerful characters. Each character in the book is strongly inclined to give you sleepless nights.The whole book has a very dark and melancholic ambiance to it. It is sad. The plight of each characters is sad so be prepared to be swarmed by a tsunami of cold, dark emotions

The only point where the book failed to make a mark on me was at its narration. It is kind of choppy and not smooth to ease you into the book. it keeps breaking in between but once you get to the depth of the story you can hardly notice as you start getting immersed with the lives of these characters mentioned in the book. Language is good and sharp. characters and basic plot powerful and interesting. Definitely serves up on high quotient of thriller making it a good read after you get attached to the core of the book

If you haven't heard yet then let me enlighten you that the book is already a NYT bestseller and it is being converted to a movie pretty soon and that should say something about the book.. right?

The book is high on rich characters and they make this book shine. Each characters even in passing stirs you pretty good. The book does not go into unnecessary details and stick to the direct path of the core plot. The narration is where i had trouble because it is kind of dwindling in and out of events and places. The whole book is sombre and you need to be prepared for the sad and grey sky hovering over the book but all in all it does justify the hype it has been collecting because at the end of the day it was a good thrilling read for me.

There is no one like Mary Higgins Clark

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No Place Like Home - Mary Higgins Clark

There is a reason why Mary Higgins Clark have millions of devout readers . i was late to join the bandwagon, but now that i have finally joined i have started to see the magic she weaves on her audience.

So far i have read two books from her works and what i have noticed is that, she brings forward all these characters that you know for sure are the culprits from the get go, but as soon as you reach the end,you realize that the author had been playing with you the whole time and the real action was happening behind your back. The author just uses the pawns to distract you through the entire book only to reveal her cards at the very end making for a fabulous narration technique and in turn an engaging read

The only problem i had with the book is the numerous characters that keep popping which for my tiny brain had become a hassle to keep track but otherwise the narration is solid and iron clad and keeps you on your toes throughout.

I guess she is the only thriller writer i have come across who will bring forward the culprit in the very beginning of the chapter making you relish in the fact that you don't have to wait till the end, only to find out that the book has just flipped on you to reveal a much complicated side of action which actually upholds the lure of a good thriller.

Over the years the name Mary Higgins Clark has become a synonym for a good thriller book so why say anything else than that this book is written by Mary. A good complex story. so yes this is not going to be an easy and demands time and definitely a bumpy ride as well. Lots of twists and turns that would spin you good but at the end you get the satisfaction of having read a good thriller.

This one screams loud and clear for you to take notice

— feeling amazing
Silent Scream: An edge of your seat serial killer thriller (Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series Book 1) - Angela Marsons

WOW !! i mean WOW !!

I am in awe of the central character and no doubt i am going to follow her to the end of the earth which in turn means i simply love the author and her penmanship. This book has so many things that is upholding it so elegantly.

It has a very strong, rock solid plot to begin with and then there is the fierce female character that is epitome of everything i love to see and read about, but would run thousand miles away from in real life.

There is a bit irregularity in the beginning with the narration which basically comes from sudden popping of so many characters and no proper introductions and then there is the overlapping of official names and pet names of each characters creating a little bit of confusion


That is nothing compared to how fantastically weaved the book in general is. As a warning let me tell you that the topic of the book is not very pleasant and has lots of graphics and gruesome details but then i can completely believe something of this nature happening in the very backyard of our houses.

The treatment of the thriller is so impeccable and fresh that you will enjoy reading and proceeding along with the characters in the book. Unlike other investigative thrillers, this does not go into magical solving mode but rather a practical and deduced approach and no wonder this book is currently enjoying a number best seller position in police procedural fiction category

The book is a superbly treated investigative thriller enhanced by a highly volatile and dynamic central character. This is a true thriller/investigative thriller which deals with a very gruesome case but at the same time provides you one of the best reads. Something in the book definitely draws you bad to it, that you want to finish it before getting up. The author has definitely stolen my literary heart.

The sequel has taken a leap

— feeling vampire
The Trail of Terror (Horror at the Lake (A Vampire Tale) Book 2) - Vanessa A. Ryan

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

It took me a really long time to come back to the series and i was surprised to see how the book has changed in the sequel. It had new turns and the whole feel seemed to be different. The author was true in saying that the book is a bit different. in my opinion it is not a bit different but a whole lot different.

I thought that the trail of terror was perhaps the only book which had dealt with the practical aspect of life after turning into vampire. It was hilarious to see how a daily routine could be different to achieve once you have become the creature of the night. The author kept tickling me with such clever questioning of life as a vampire and in that regard i would say the book had a very different theme altogether. This was like " Adjusting to my new life as a vampire 101". There were things that the author threw at me that never crossed my mind before in spite of having read a thousand vampire books.

The language and narration was good. In the first book i had complained that the author tended to go into nuisances of the details a bit too much and the second book seemed to have rectified this. At least it does not fall of the track and keep you in the main stream quite nicely. The new characters and the backgrounds all have added a new spark that i did not expected could be possible after the end of the first book but the author has managed to revive the series in the second book.

Although i feel the book has ended on a slight cliff-hanger-ish point, but then that only makes you want to see how all this will end up.

The book has turned for the best. This new book in the series comes with a highly elevated plot. It is quite different from the first book and i felt was the only book that showed a practical version of life as a vampire. The narration and language is good and the plot has the capability to keep the book breathing. it is fast and devoid of any lingering

A good Travel guide but may not be that good for a fiction

Deadline Yemen (the Elizabeth Darcy Series) - Peggy Hanson


First of all a huge thanks to P.J. Nunn and the author with her team for providing me with the copy of the book


Deadline Yemen to me personally, was a great source to learn about Yemen, its culture, the people and the lifestyle from a westerner’s point of view. It is quite evident that the author is partial towards the country. Her love for the culture and Yemen in whole is spread all through the book. Maybe that is where she loses her audience because somewhere between explaining and painting a picture of Yemen, she loses focus and main purpose of the book which is the story that she had planned to tell.


The book lags through a whole lot of details and missing out on the essential ones required to tell us what exactly is going on in the book. Sadly the book only comes to the main point in the last few chapters and that too gets treated pretty harshly and roughly, that we miss out on the action and the details


But if you treat the book as a travelogue or a traveler’s memoir then i think this book will be a great guide to know about Yemen and its people but as a thriller it is nowhere around attaining its goal and in fact it dulls the narration with incorporation of a whole lot of characters that keep popping without warning and blurs even faster than the blink of the eye


The first half is literally dragging with travel guide and technicalities losing out on the story at hand and the second half rushes too quickly through the actual story that one fails to notice when the story got pace and even ended but while this is the case i think the author does paint a vivid and detailed picture of Yemen but unfortunately that was not the purpose of the book . Also i felt the book was lengthy and lost in the maze of details

Watch out Jack Reacher, Your competition is getting better and fierce

The Warrior's Debt (Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 4) - Ty Patterson

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book.

I think i am liking Zeb carter (our protagonist) more than Jack Reacher for by the sequence of four books, our character has become more polished, fierce and unstoppable. The book is getting more and more irresistible and hard to put down.

The author is getting good and stronger at his work and he is becoming a strong threat to his contemporaries with a well sketched set of characters and even stronger story plot.

What i loved about this book is that the author has briefed all the previous books so beautifully and seamlessly that you could easily read this book as a standalone. The story is fresh for each book has only the central characters revisiting but with an effective background brief, you wont suffer much if you haven't read the previous books

There is though one problem with the book. The jump from one scene to another is almost instantly and it becomes a little bit of task to track our character's location and setting of the scene. Maybe it was in the formatting of the book or narration but somehow the transition was a bit jerky. Almost flickering between characters and scenes.

Undoubtedly The warrior series is out for blood. Blood of other popular fictional action heroes especially Jack Reacher. By the fourth book the series has gone golden and solid with both its sets of characters and strong story plot. The author needs to smooth the transition between various scenes a little more but otherwise this book is unbeatable in its genre. A terrific read and a blood pumping adrenaline read along with being rich in plot.

Sweet as a Candy

Tides - Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos
First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

This book is what i call a Disney book because of the feel good factor and the hidden messages. Just as a Disney movie comes with subtle messages and instills the goodness of life, the book too is filled with sweet moments and a happy ending.

The book is one giant happy family.

Tides has a lovely setting and bunch of characters that you will love to laugh and cry with. Get ready to deal with a whole lot of characters. I guess the problem with the book lies in the fact that as of now it is surfing through the surface and touching upon all these characters with the bare essentials and not actually indulging much time with any of them and the book is made up of blocks of each of these characters and the time you get with each character is very minimal.

But if you overlook this tiny little part, the book is filled with lots of sweet moments and my personal favorite, light banters and humors adding colors to the whole book. Every character is lovable and gives you an amazing time. Language and narration keeps up the pace.

This book in my opinion is something that is worth picking up if you are looking to read something that is light, good humored and can brighten your mood by bringing up that long lost smile.The book is sweet to the core.

There was a part where the author has gone too detailed which according to me was completely unnecessary. Ironically that is the only part where the book actually halts and goes into details. The part between Dylan and Ross when they are having an intimate moment. None of the other characters got that kind of screen space. But as i said rest of the book is good enough to overlook this.

A mood brightener. That is what this book is.Filled with sweet and light moments, this book is something that is a quick read and is equivalent to watching a Disney family movie. The character sets are lovable and a solid group to share your time with. It brings smile to your face.I think that in itself is a big testament to how good the book is.


A bit complex

The Nibelung Gold - Koos Verkaik

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

This is the second book from the author that i am reading and one thing i am learning is that the author's brain works in mysterious ways. The themes of the both his works that i have read so far had shown a powerful imagination and analytical skills but even though at one hand it is really impressive, when it comes to a fiction, this same factor turns out to be an obstacle as well.

One cannot stop admiring the way that the author puts a strong research and complex methodology to story telling but somehow i saw the book turning more into a technical report than a simple easy breezy read. But then for a mature audience who would love to read something complex this book is an amazing read. This book demands your time, logic and reasoning part of you brain to be well polished and sharpened.

The language is good but narration is a bit complex and intricate and those who are looking for a quick read wont find this fun. The book goes deeper into the plot and becomes technical sans a little bit of fun and easiness for the liking of the wider audience. This book will definitely appeal to a specific set of audience especially those who are looking for a solid brain storming

For me personally i loved the story themes and the gradual development but at the same time due to a little bit bland and technical narration it required a bit of patience from me to sit through. one has to have good concentration and time to actually enjoy the book.

The book is not a quick read. When picking up the book, make sure that you have enough time to devote as the themes and treatment of the book is bit complex and way too intricate. The language is good but its the narration that dulls a bit. The book as of now sounds more of a complex research work on a particular theme but at the end i cant stop admiring the brain power of the author. Its his thinking that has bowled me over than the book itself ;)

why didnt you write my school books.. i could have aced my tests easily

The Shadow Falls (Witch-Hunter) (Volume 3) - K S Marsden

i think at this point a mere thank you would not suffice but yeah i guess i will stick with thank you for now. So A HUGE THANK YOU to the author for providing me with the copy

Right now what i am feeling is something like this

i am so overwhelmed and speechless that i am not sure what to say about this book.

The whole reason why i love this book is because of its narration. It is exactly the kind that i look for in any book. Simple, elegant and dynamic. Even if the language is simple, the things that it say is far from simple.

I believe half the battle is won if you are able to convey your thoughts to your readers with perfection which is thoroughly achieved by this book

Why oh why ... why didnt you write my school books... if you had written it i would have at least read it once ;(

The book has kept each characters intact and equally strong as they started out in the first book and if anything you could see a natural progression to all these characters and then there is a whole new bunch of characters, compensating for the lose of all your beloved characters (oops did i just give away a spoiler)
Some may argue that the end was not what they were expecting or that it was abrupt... Trust me i had the same feeling initially but when i pondered over it...i felt it was the perfect way or the only way to close a terrific series

Going by the words of Navessa Allen, the reviewer/author
This is an author who could write a phone book for me ;)

The beauty of this series is its simple and silky narration that manages to tell a beautiful story. The finale of this trilogy was perfect in every sense. Loose ends had been tied up in the best way they could and characters have evolved and got more interesting with new things to look forward. In short everything is perfect about this whole series for me. i think i have fallen in love with the author.. The best part as i keep repeating is its narration power that keeps the story spiced up and entertaining.

Enticing read

The Shadow Reigns (Witch-Hunter, #2) - K.S. Marsden
First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book.

I had fallen for the series right from the first page of the first book, The Shadow Rises. In fact I had fallen in love with the series so much that I had begged her for the sequels but it took a long time for me to return back to the series and now that I have returned back, all those emotions that made me fall for the book in the first place is back. I realized how much I had missed Hunter, the main character and his entourage

I dreaded that the book would go for a middle book syndrome where a second book suffers with low deliverance after an illustrious first book. Fortunately the second book retains every pinch of salt and flavor from the first book. Also there were enough cheat sheets for those who are returning to the series after a long time to recollect events from the first book

The book out and out shines with its velvety narration. In the first book too, I was floored by the simplicity and the silkiness of the narration and language. Things move smoothly and in a rich creamy form.

Now let us come to the plot. The last book ended right under fire with a kind of revelation that was kind of shocking and the second book kind of pick up on the aftereffects of this revelation. There are lots of things that is happening but as I said the narration power just keeps you gripped.

When dealing with Paranormal stuff, there are lots of stuffs and elements that can be a little hard to grasp or relate too and it is how easily an author make it sound realistic or plausible that makes or breaks a paranormal series and that is why I love the author for not complicating things and making this world of witches and witch craft easy to absorb

What a fantastic series. Even if you are not a fan of paranormal fiction or the world of witches, you should give this series a try. I fell in love with the series solely due to the beauty of the narration and its strong power to hold me till the very end. The book is alluring with its simplicity in narration and treatment of the plot and does not make things complicated enough to lose interest. Plot is equivalent factor as to why you should try this book.

how was it ?

Spell bound by the witches

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter, #1) - K.S. Marsden
First of all a huge thanks to the author and the next novel team for introducing me to this wonderful series and for providing me with the copy of the book and secondly a huge hug for writing this book, which has not only floored me completely but have also left me craving for its sequels. The book has escalated to "my all time favorite trilogy" shelf

The shadow rises, true to its theme, did indeed cast its spell on me and I was completely hooked to the book from its very introductory page to the end without dropping the intrigue level.

There are rarely any books, in my experience, that makes you say “oh this is so going to be my favorite” from mere three sentences of its opening chapter and this book was one of it.

The master element in the success of this book, according to me, has to be the velvety narration. The language was simply marvelous. Pure velvet in execution. It runs flawlessly, conveying everything vividly and perfectly with no unnecessary or irrelevant piles of data or hovering over “how one is feeling” aka emotions and feelings. It is crisp, to the point and yet detailed enough to make you absorb the story.

The plot is good. Even Though the initial twists and turns were fairly predictable, there was a particular turn in the story that caught even me by surprise since I was not expecting it and because of that alone I would like to give the author a loud applaud because you made me actually say “ wait what?.... rewind that for me again”.

The book scores with simplicity yet standing way far from the usual witchery tales. A brilliant language and storytelling skill makes this a fun and enjoyable read. It is fast, gripping, and short and sweet with every ingredient mixed perfectly. I can’t wait for its sequels, not because the author left a huge cliff hanger, but simply because I am in love with the author’s story telling magic.

How was it ?



Needs a bit more gentle treatment

A Backed Up John: A Story of Gods, Goddesses, Mortals, and the Odd Stuff In Between - Michael McAfee

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

As the author has mentioned, it is a flight away from reality but unfortunately this flight is a bit jerky

I loved the core idea of the plot. Visiting back to olympus and the Olymipans but i wish the treatment could be a little more gentler as right now the book is a little too complex ,scientific and technical to keep up.Its like two many things are trying to battle for your attention.

For the major half of the book i had no idea as to where the book was heading or what was it trying to convey. The trouble is that the book is amazing in components. There are parts of stories that are individually brilliant but as a general, these components fail to match with each other.

Hopefully without spoilers i could clarify this with examples

I loved the new religion concept of Ex- crete and its explanation and usage by the author. It was hilarious. Also i loved the portrayal of Hercules. So did other such short portions and chunks of stories but when you look at these in a broader range it seems to stop making sense and does not go with each other

I am still confused about the central character John. i still don't know the basics of this character.

Either i was not able to understand it or maybe it was the author but the fact is that i could only appreciate the book in bits and parts. I felt the author was trying to move into multiple plot lines making the whole book a bit shaky

The concept was brilliant but i felt that it was not properly put together and explained. It is a bit hard and tougher concepts to absorb and wish had a little more gentleness or simplicity to it. There are certain portions that are truly remarkable. The book is good in portions and maybe with a little more refined unraveling, the concept and the entire ride would have been a bit more smoother. Language is simple but the narration is what is a bit of concern. This occurs majorly because there is a wavering theme to the book. i felt it should have picked one theme and strongly revolved the book around it

Keep your patience groomed

Heavenly Vision - Koos Verkaik

The book really tests your patience.
Frankly when i was reading the book i was set on giving it a three star rating but as i came to the end, the book did such a fantastic and brain freezing revelation that i had to bow and give four stars

The book starts with a whole lot of unending sets of characters and their stories that by the middle of the book you are exhausted and panting, tracking who is who and where and when they all are reappearing and worse is that you do not even know how they all are important or connected.The book is in blocks initially much like building something brick by brick. You really need to stick around to see how all these characters and small blocks of stories gets related and becomes one giant surprise wheel.

By the end the author had impressed me so much that i was not sure whether to applaud the brilliance of the character in the story or the creator of that character that is the author. The twist or final pull was that good of a brilliance charm.Language and narration is not exactly smooth and is choppy but then in respect to the big picture i could at least justify the chopped or block by block treatment of the story

The book changes its course pretty quickly and before you know the flow gets diverted to an entire path in itself which makes it even more confusing as to where it is all headed until you reach the end

The book takes a whole amount of time to pick up the pace and to even make sense and once you stay for the end you cant stop being amazed at the trickery and cunningness of the plot. But as i said it requires a bit of patience. The language is fair but its the narration that is a bit jerky.

A vintage Detective

Jack Spade: Dream Detective - Carl a Chase

first of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

I absolutely loved the theme and concept of the book. It is brilliant, brainy, creative and something unique.The execution may not be that awesome but is not bad too. I found the book fair enough.

The book is more like a simpler version of inception. Going into dream of a dream. There are two parallel stories and characters running the show and while at times it becomes hard to track, the book in general brings a good story.

All i could think of saying is that maybe the book needs a little more of polishing but otherwise with a new concept and idea at hand, the book does manages to shine and impress. Since the book carries two heavyweight stories and character set, it required a little more attention because right now one of the story outshines and beats the other one. so basically what i am saying is that one half of the book is super impressive, well crafted and cut to perfection but the other half is a bit unfinished and left in the middle and requires a little more attention.I felt that towards the end,things seemed to be a little rushed

The book has a good core and uses two parallel stories and while one half needs a bit more attention, the other half is the star of the book and what makes it worthy. In fact i felt that the book could have sufficed without going into two parallel story mode and just adhering to the stronger story to make it a perfect book but having said so the book still is a good one to give a try where the settings take you back in time. Language and narration is good.